Shopportunity Knocks! Duck Shops Fly South

A little something fun for locals (and visitors of course!) who may not be able to get to Duck regularly! Your favorite shops are coming to you! Join us at the Front Porch Cafe in Nags Head for several hours of Holiday shopping, or indulge yourself if you like!!  Come visit while the kids are in school or make it a girls night out and join us for happy hour! With hours from 2 – 7, you’re sure to be able to fit this fun event in!

Hope to see you there!

CHEERS ~ Life’s A Beach

Falling for Lilly

Here we are again. Fall, one the most beautiful times of the year. The vibrant color of changing leaves and the crisp, cool air, there is just something happy about it. So put your flip flops in the closet (unless of course you live on the Outer Banks becuase we wear them year-round), put on some cute Lilly flats with your new Fall dress and head to the closest orchard for some fall apple picking with the whole family!