Buy Local!

As Lilly Pulitzer continues through it’s seasonal inspirations; Resort ’09 – “The Ocean and Its Creatures”, Spring ’10 -“Endangered Species” , and into Summer ’10 “Buy Local”,  we should all take a minute to reflect on our own local communities.   Located in a Resort town, Life’s A Beach on the Outer Banks, must also extend its “local community” to our visitors and guests who come to the beach during long weekends, holidays, and of course, the summer months.  As small businesses continue to fall through tough economic times, we ask the customer/consumer of all products, to remember to BUY LOCAL and do your part to keep your local businesses established.  Whether it is your hometown or vacation town, you know you’re receiving the very best  if you’re buying it from your local coffee shop, fish market, or vegetable stand and ALWAYS the best from your local Lilly Pulitzer Store.