The Holidays ARE HERE


Now that you have successfully stuffed yourself with turkey, it’s time to start thinking


Check out our list of TOP 5 MUST HAVE’S from Life’s A Beach!

1. The Adelson Shift

2. The Shere Wrap

3. The Penn Fleece

4. The Dandi Coat

5. The Kiki Dress

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It’s Marathon Weekend!


This weekend, one of the greatest events on the Outer Banks will be taking place!  The Outer Banks Marathon, Half Marathon, 8K Run, 5K Run, and the Fun Run start tomorrow, November 13th. We want to wish all the runners good luck and good weather!

We have our very own participant from Life’s A Beach! An avid runner, friend, and wonderful co-worker at Life’s A Beach, Christy Morris, will be running her 3rd half marathon this year.  Next year she hopes to accomplish her goal of running the full marathon in honor of a big birthday ! She’s so full of life and energy and truly amazes us with her loyalty to running every fall; Just after a BUSY summer of loyalty to Lilly Pulitzer and Life’s A Beach! 

In honor of Christy and all the runners this weekend, you’ll receive a printed Lilly Pulitzer Water Bottle when you buy any new item from the Resort 2010 line! 



Resort 2010 Escape With Lilly

As the end of the year draws near, it’s time to change your “latittude”!  We begin our journey of Lilly Loves The Arts with the introduction of  the Resort 2010 line – A focus on LITURATURE.  We use books to escape the everyday. Reading can take you to exotic locations without ever packing your suitcase.  However, if you do hop that plane, we know you’ll have the perfect book to keep you company in your travels, on the beach, or on a break from work (if you’re a traveling professional).  Whatever your destination this Resort season, whether it’s a far off place or somewhere a little closer to home, Lilly Pulitzer will help take you away with the newest prints and easy-to-wear silhouettes.  Fasten your seat belt, we’ll be taking off shortly…

Life’s A Beach